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Very small brushless DC Flat motor for use in space

The 10mm Diameter brushless flat motor supplied by maxon motor for use in space. 

This brushless DC flat servomotor has an outer diameter of 10mm and a motor length of just 3.25mm. 

The motor is capable of a top speed of 22000rpm based on a 4870rpm/volt constant (KV). 

Brushless flat motors are characterised by a high torque per volume and normally have low speeds due to a “lever arm” effect, however this tiny motor bucks this trend achieving speeds normally only possible from traditionally shaped brushless motors. 

The motor is available with and without hall sensor feedback to broaden the motor control miniaturisation possibilities. 

The emerging swarm robotics trend, miniature spacecraft and micro satellites have an increasing demand for tiny DC motors that implement their gyroscopic effects to orientate the devices. 

In particular, a vacuum capable lubrication Braycote 601EF has been used in the ball bearings and the shaft has been specifically modified to suit the inertial load.

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