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Vertical Mounted Gear Units for Agitation and Flotation Applications

Santasalo has launched the AMF vertical mounted gear unit series.  The AMF is purpose-built for the most demanding vertical applications with high external forces without the need for external cooling. 

By incorporating a bidirectional axial fan, optimised housing design and additional new features, Santasalo’s AMF vertical gear unit provides high thermal capacity and eliminates the need for external cooling in extreme ambient conditions. 

The AMF gear units feature Santasalo’s proven drive technology, in operation in thousands of vertical mixing applications around the world. Direct drive construction with electrical motor and flexible HSS coupling ensures high efficiency, while the highly optimised gear unit lay-out results in cost savings and smaller footprint. 

These two or three-stage vertically mounted helical gear units feature a power range of up to 750kW and nominal output torque of up to 200 kNm, as well as a reversible operational direction. Their robust design ensures they’re easy to transport and install without risk of damages. 

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