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Versatile connector system for Ethernet-based cabling

RS Components (RS) has announced the availability of a wide range of products based on the new Ha-VIS preLink technology from HARTING, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance connector products. 

This innovative cabling system offers reliable termination technology, a simple and time saving installation process, and the potential to revolutionise the installation of cables for industrial networking, premises cabling and other machine-control applications.
Compatible with a range of profiles including all Ethernet-based automation profiles and future-proof 8-core cabling for Gigabit Ethernet, the HARTING Ha-VIS preLink is a modular connector system that uses a rapid-termination technique allowing users to either pre-assemble cables or to buy already prepared cables and install them quickly and simply on-site. 

Allowing much preparatory work to be completed in advance, making the job quicker, more efficient and cost effective, the connector system also has the potential to reduce the equipment, training and testing burden on installers, making it a highly attractive alternative to traditional termination methods.
Highly versatile and adaptable, the system is based on the simplicity of a termination block that a user can wire up separately: the system snaps securely into any one of seven swappable mating profiles. These include: RJ45, PushPull RJ45, M12 D-coded, M12 X-coded, RJ45 HARTING Industrial Form Factor, RJ45 Keystone and a preLink extender for cable extensions. 

Cabling is fast and simple as wires are inserted into the preLink termination block according to their colour codes: cable termination and extra wire trimmed can be achieved in a single step. When snapped into place in the connector, the wired termination block becomes an integral part of that unit and not a separate interface. Once in the housing, the preLink termination block is vibration-proof and protected from external influences.
The system is particularly well suited for installations in cramped spaces or junction boxes and pre-assembled cable segments can also be swapped out quickly during maintenance and upgrades. Expected to see wide deployment in a variety of markets including automation and control, telecoms and datacoms, networking and rail/transportation applications, the HARTING Ha-VIS preLink connector system, comprising more than 24 different products, is now shipping at RS Components.

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