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Veolia to design and commission waste water treatment plant for large pharma company

VEOLIA Water Solutions & Technologies will design and commission a biological waste water treatment plant for a large pharmaceutical company in Eastern Europe.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies says the water treatment plant will treat all effluents of an existing specialised tablets and capsules pharmaceutical manufacturing site, in order to meet the local stringent water discharge regulation.

The client, which has over 80 manufacturing sites, awarded Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies a contract to supply, to build and to start-up a biological waste water plant for its pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

At the core of the solution is the company’s AnoxKaldnes MBBR biological treatment.

AnoxKaldnes MBBR solution is said to be a space saving moving bed biofilm reactor that operates continuously using specific plastic media to grow biofilm and provides effective biochemical oxygen demand removal capability as well as ammonia and nitrogen removal.

Downstream from the MBBR plant is a Dissolved Air Flotation unit designed to clarify water and to remove the high Total Suspended Solids (TSS) content.

The plant’s sludge volume will be reduced by a sludge dewatering unit that will concentrate the biomass up to 20% dry solids.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies offered the client a pilot testing period of 3 months which has allowed it to define precisely the whole effluent process treatment that will meet and exceed the discharge regulation.

The pilot unit installed on site is fully containerised, including all equipment required to carry out a test remotely. It has helped the project to move forward much faster than usual, as the site test could treat the exact complex effluent as it came from a variety of manufacturing processes.

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