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Veolia to deliver whole process water cycle for cosmetics company

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) will design and commission a process and high purity water treatment installation at 250m3/d to supply all process water needs for a new cosmetic manufacturing site in Indonesia.

The plant consists of two key treatments, an ion exchange softening plant and the VWS Orion packaged reverse osmosis system. The choice of VWS expertise and technologies offers the client a safe and reliable solution to handle this complicated and large high purity design and build project.

The pre-treatment installation is designed to supply softened water from the site raw water supply for the downstream manufacturing processes. The low hardness level (calcium ions and magnesium ions <1ppm) will enhance cleaning phases, avoid equipments scaling and feed the process water plant.

Orion, is a compact standardised water generation system designed to meet the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and biotech market needs.

The Orion has an enhanced reverse osmosis module which gives improved recovery of up to 90% for single pass systems and 75% for twin pass. This means lower operating costs and a reduced carbon and water footprints. The Orion supplied is a twin-pass reverse osmosis to produce deionised water <10µS/cm and is fully hot water sanitisable (85°C/185°F) – the safest and most secure means of sanitisation.

Beyond production systems, VWS will also design and supply the 120m3 water storage tanks capacity and the over a kilometre stainless steel distribution loops.

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