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Velocity & temperature sensor

Monitran has announced their new combined velocity and temperature sensor with 4-20mA output – the MTN/2285STC.

The MTN/2285STC is designed specifically for industrial monitoring applications
This dual-output sensor is perfect for monitoring vibration and temperature levels in the same location and for protecting motors, fans, pumps, compressors and other assemblies with rotating parts.

The industry standard 4-20mA outputs make for simple direct connection to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Distributed Control System (DCS) or other industrial controller.

The MTN/2285STC is an IP65 rated stainless steel side-entry transducer. Typically it is supplied with 5m of integral stainless steel over-braded ETFE cable as standard. But other lengths are available upon request.

Its dynamic range is 50g peak and it has a frequency range of 16Hz to 720Hz ±10%.

The sensor requires a DC supply voltage in the range 12 to 32V. Its Vibration output is proportional to RMS velocity with a range of 0 to 10, 20, 25, 50 or 100mm/S; to be specified when ordering. 

The sensor’s temperature output sensitivity is 0.106mA/°C across its operating temperature range of -25 to 90°C, and it has an accuracy of 0.08%/ °C. 

Unlike most velocity sensors that also measure temperature. There is no need to convert an output voltage to current. The design of the MTN/2285STC renders this conversion step as unnecessary.

Changes in vibration or temperature levels can be indication that a piece of plant or equipment is in need of maintenance This can mean shutting down to avoid damage, which comes at a great cost to productivity. 

The new Monitran MTN/2285STC dual-output sensor, means that you can connect the sensor directly to any equipment that accepts a 4-20mA input to monitor both parameters for maintenance, control or emergency-shutdown purposes.

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