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Vega installs 100,000th radar sensor

In February 2013, almost nine years after introducing VegaPuls 68, the first radar sensor for bulk solids, Vega have delivered the 100,000th sensor.

"This production milestone carries forward the success story of radar level sensors in process automation. Today, they are the all-round level transmitter for liquids and bulk solids," commented Günter Kech, Managing Director.

"Radar technology is on a success trajectory and we will ensure that it stays there, by further simplifying the level measurement of bulk solids with radar in the future."

The 100,000th bulk solids radar instrument is a VegaPuls SR 68. The landmark sensor went to Bühler AG in Switzerland. This Swiss technology group is using it for level measurement in a 25-metre-high cement silo.

Vega Grieshaber launched VegaPuls 68, the first radar sensor specifically tailored to applications in the bulk solids industry, on the market in 2004.

Compared to radar sensors for liquids, the bulk solids radar sensor is capable of detecting and measuring signals a 1,000 times smaller – signals that were previously masked by ‘noise’.

These two-wire sensors have since become ‘the’ alternative to maintenance-intensive mechanical ‘plumb bob’ systems, or ultrasonic sensors, which require an absolutely clear view to the product.

Due to the simple application parameters, only a few settings are necessary to fine-tune the radar sensor to the respective measuring task.

The result is a measurement completely independent of dust, filling noise, strong air currents and high temperatures.

Three sensor variants ensure the advantages of radar technology for a variety of applications, as well as measuring and temperature ranges.

VegaPuls 68 is optimised for measuring ranges up to 75 m and temperatures up to 400°C, while VegaPuls SR 68 and VegaPuls 67 are designed for standard applications.

One basic technology thus covers a wide application spectrum – from level measurement in clinker coolers at 1,500°C or in grain elevators, to level monitoring in rock crushers for mineral ore extraction.

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