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How to apply AI and machine learning to business

Leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will gather in Sydney for the AI and Machine Learning Summit on 15 and 16 August.

The event will look at the implications of AI and Machine Learning, across industry and its application on business.

How industry can integrate AI into their existing structure, how they can maximise return on investment, the challenges and the benefits.

It will explore how AI and machine learning applications can be used to reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

There will be a series of keynote presentations, case studies, interactive panel discussions, roundtable sessions and start-up spotlight in what will be the most significant discussion on AI & Machine Learning in 2017.

Highlight speakers include:

  • Michael O’Keefe, IoT & Advanced Analytics Lead from Microsoft will elaborate on how they’re dedicated to democratising AI for every person and organisation, where they’re expecting AI to go and how it will affect humans, work and society.
  • Ugo Pagallo, Law Professor from University of Turin will look at the social, ethical and public policy implications of AI.
  • Toby Walsh, Professor at UNSW and Group Leader at Data61 who has presented to the UN with a petition signed by thousands including Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Steve Wozniak, will discuss what AI can (and can’t) do, evaluating the threats and risks posed by the development of AI. Ricky Sutton, Founder of Oovvuu explores why AI should be viewed as a huge business transformation initiative.
  • Bronwyn van der Merwe, Managing Director at Fjord discusses how to improve customer experience through the use of chatbots.

The panel discussion will look at how AI is redefining the future of work, job creation, destruction and how we can prepare our education, skills development and social and economic policies


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