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Vecow industrial fanless computers for rugged applications

Ethernet Australia has released a full range of industrial fanless
computers ideally suited for industries seeking compact, cable-free, rugged
computer solutions capable of running modern operating systems.

Vecow industrial fanless computers are ideal for industrial applications
in machine vision, automation, video surveillance, in-vehicle application,
information technology services, advanced process control, information
management system, test and measurement, medical and healthcare. All Vecow
computers are optimised for minimum power consumption while delivering maximum performance.

The compact size of the fanless computers allows them to be surface mounted,
wall mounted and even DIN rail mounted. All models utilise PCI, PCIe or USB 3.0

Key features of Vecow industrial fanless computers include ambient
temperature resistance up to 70°C; rich I/O support with multiple connectors
for USB 3.0, COM devices and a variety of display ports; minimum of two independently
controlled networking interfaces (up to a maximum of nine, before adding
expansion cards) allowing multiple connections to networks, cameras or Ethernet
enabled devices; and robust construction with heavy duty industrial housings
and sturdy ports.

Vecow industrial fanless computers offer resistance to high temperature,
humidity, vibration, shock and EM. The fanless design eliminates moving parts,
prolonging hardware life and reducing downtime.

Standard and custom designed PCI and PCI Express cards can be
incorporated into the rugged Vecow expandable design allowing for future
proofing and expansion not possible with other industrial computers. PoE P.D (Power
over Ethernet – Powered Device) is available for some compact models eliminating
the need for a standalone power supply.

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