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Vaughan Rotamix lagoon mixing systems

PUMP Systems has outlined how Vaughan Rotamix lagoon mixing systems resolve many of the traditional problems associated with mixing storage lagoons at local authority and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

The Vaughan Rotamix lagoon mixing systems involve no moving parts being installed in the lagoon, unlike submersible mixers and floating shaft driven mixers, which often have electric cables and moving parts in the wastewater, which can be prone to problems of fine fibres and rags reweaving and wrapping around moving parts, shafts and cables.

A Rotamix lagoon mixing system comprises of fixed nozzle assemblies that are mounted on the floor of the lagoon to factory specified angles and are permanently fixed in place.

The system utilises an externally-mounted self-priming Vaughan Chopper Pump to recirculate and precondition the contents of the lagoon. The pump is capable of handling solids and sludge containing rags, fibres and hair.

The Rotamix generates a mixing flow pattern designed to eliminate dead spots, reduce energy requirements, and prevent the formation of scum mats and solids settling inside the lagoon.

According to Pump Systems, the Rotamix can be retrofitted easily into existing lagoons, and is a low-maintenance solution.

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