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Vaisala releases moisture, hydrogen and temperature transmitter for online transformer condition monitoring

Vaisala Pty Ltd announces a new range of transmitters designed to
integrate three critical parameters for condition monitoring of high voltage
transformers, a critical component in the generation and transmission of

The power industry faces challenges of end-of-life equipment, overload
situations, and increasing number of faults in the network, all of which affect
the operation of transformers, and increase the risk of unexpected failures and
outages. Efficient monitoring can however, help successfully mitigate these

For instance, utility companies can detect and assess the severity of a
fault situation by measuring the hydrogen content in transformer oil as well as
the speed of its formation. Moisture dramatically affects the life of a
transformer with elevated levels of moisture in oil accelerating the ageing of
transformer insulation paper and also impacting the oil’s ability to act as an
insulator. Moisture content should be monitored to ensure reliable operation.

Vaisala has released the new MHT410 moisture, hydrogen and temperature
transmitters to continuously monitor changes in high-voltage transformer
insulating oil.

Key features and benefits include unique probe solution allowing
accurate real-time measurements and trend data to facilitate reliable
decision-making; swift identification of transformer fault conditions allowing
customers to resolve potential problems before any further damage is done; ability
to measure moisture, hydrogen and temperature directly in the transformer oil;
and no pumps, hoses, batteries or other consumable parts for assured reliable

The innovative probe design featuring adjustable probe installation
depth allows sensors to be in direct contact with representative oil in the
transformer for accurate measurements and reliable data. Access to real-time
data allows for predictive maintenance planning by users to minimise expensive
service shutdowns and outages. The robust design and reliable measurement
technology of the MHT410 eliminate any risk of false alarms.

Integrating three critical measurement parameters in a single probe, MHT410
is easy to install and ready to use within minutes. The adjustable probe
installation depth fits in a variety of transformer valves to ensure optimal
measurement. The unit is maintenance-free, with no calibration or adjustment
required after installation.

MHT410 will be available summer 2015.

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