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Vacuum inlet traps protect pumps

A broad range of high capacity vacuum inlet traps that protect vacuum pumps in manufacturing processes for HBLEDs and power semiconductors are available from Mass-Vac, Inc. of No. Billerica, Massachusetts USA.

MV Multi-Trap Vacuum Inlet Traps are ideally suited for MOCVD, HVPE, GaN, and ALGaN processes that generate high volumes of particulates and condensable byproducts in manufacturing HBLEDs and power semiconductors.  Featuring a knock-down stage plus two stages of user-selectable filter elements, these vacuum inlet traps are capable of up to 2,500 in3 of solids accumulation with more than 99 per cent efficiency for particulates and condensables.

Offered in 25.4mm, 30.48mm, and 40.64mm diameter models, including a cooling option to facilitate removing condensables,  the traps can be designed to accommodate different production processes and pump capacities to 2,000 CFM.  They are available with activated alumina or charcoal filter elements for vapors, Sodasorb, and other specialised elements for trapping other contaminants.


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