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UTS considers new manufacturing and technology course

UTS has identified a gap in sector specific management and leadership training that is required to boost the future competitiveness of Australia’s manufacturing sector.

Management and leadership skills are important for the future productivity of innovative firms. In analysing this gap, the University was supported by NSW Business Chamber and Australian Industry Group.

It’s been widely acknowledged that Australia can forge a future in manufacturing if it embraces innovation and technology.  UTS Business School is therefore exploring options regarding an industry-based and specifically tailored program to meet the needs of this new era in manufacturing and technology.

Transformation of an organisation in the current context involves more than competing on costs. For example, revision of a firm’s strategy to focus more specifically on emerging business models. This requires up-skilling to facilitate new ways of thinking.

Manufacturers’ Monthly is supporting this initiative by helping UTS reach out to our community via a survey. Driving this initiative is Professor Roy Green, Dean of the UTS Business School at UTS.

Green is a member of CSIRO’s newly established Australian Design Integration Network. In 2012, he contributed to the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Taskforce report Smarter Manufacturing for a Smarter Australia.

This survey is intended to gather feedback from manufacturing and technology based companies to help in the development of the new sector specific management degree.

Your contribution and feedback is very much appreciated.

Complete the survey.

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