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US Wastewater opens Australian Division

Information and research on water recycling available in Australia will be boosted with the establishment of an Australian Division of the influential United States WateReuse Association.

Australia’s major water utilities peak body, the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) has finalised negotiations with the United States body to establish the local division.

The Chair of WSAA Dr. Kerry Schott said the organisations will share the aim of advancing the beneficial and efficient use of water resources through education, sound science and technology using recycled water and desalination for the benefit of the community.

The President of the WateReuse Association, Rich Atwater, believes that setting up the Australian Division heralds a new era for his not-for-profit Association.

“This is the first Division of this Association set up outside the USA. We are delighted to now have an Australian Division as recycled water and desalination are such important issues here. In fact, in many respects Australia leads the world in the use of recycled water and desalination.” Mr. Atwater said.

Sydney Water has strong links to international research through a number of key collaborations and Dr Schott is looking forward to the opportunities to further enhance the exchange of information and research results between Australia and the United States.

“Drought has hit Australia very hard resulting in rapidly declining inflows into water storages and this is highly likely to be further compounded by impending climate change. Linking the research undertaken by such a prestigious organisation as the WateReuse Association will enable Australia to keep up with best practice techniques and technology advances in water recycling and desalination,” Dr Schott said.

Australian water utilities will be able to join as Class A members of the Australian Division of the WateReuse Association and other interested bodies such as consulting engineering firms and equipment suppliers can join as Class B members.

The WSAA Executive Director, Ross Young said there has been no trouble getting Australian water utilities to become members of the Australian Division.

“This demonstrates the desire of the Australian urban water industry to tap into the network of knowledge relating to recycled water and desalination,” Mr. Young said.

Wade Miller Executive Director of the WateReuse Association is delighted at having Australia as the first non US Division of the Association.

“I have been to Australia several times presenting on recycled water issues and inspecting projects. I am always amazed at the extent water, and notably recycled water and desalination, are such high profile issues in Australia. I have every confidence that the formation of the Australian Division will assist Australia in dealing with its water challenges,” Mr. Miller said.

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