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US 3D printing patent dispute settled

3D Systems and Formlabs have settled under undisclosed terms
regarding the former’s stereolithography (SLA) technology, adopted by Formlabs.

GigaOm reports that the legal battle, which had been
running for two years, first related to eight patents to do with SLA, which
produces high-resolution parts and cures resin using UV light.

SLA was invented by 3D Systems’ founder, Chuck Hull, in 1984 and patented in 1986.

Formlabs, which emerged out of MIT Media Labs, and
Kickstarter – through which Formlabs raised $US 2.945 million to launch the Form 1 desktop SLA machine – were originally sued. The lawsuit against
Kickstarter was later dropped.

3Dprint reports that the lawsuit dismissed on Monday related
to US Patent No. 5,597,520, granted in 1997. It was dismissed with prejudice,
meaning it cannot return to court and Formlabs can continue selling their
machines without fear of damages.

According to Value Walk and others, Formlabs “invented” the
concept of affordable, desktop SLA printing. 


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