Upgrade of Hydratron valve test bench for oil and gas fields

Nessco Pressure Systems (NPS) recently upgraded two standard Hydratron pressure
relief valve test benches to meet the safety compliance requirements of the WA
Gas Fields.

As part of the upgrade, both test benches were fitted with a custom
built safety cell, specifically designed to fold away completely from the
bench, allowing for clear passage to load valves onto the test unit with a
front-on or overhead jib crane. A dead-man foot valve was also installed to
prevent nitrogen gas flow when not activated.

NPS’ high pressure development team has the expertise to modify any
Hydratron unit to meet client specifications and requirements. Both the safety
cells and foot valves were custom designed and manufactured in-house by NPS’
technicians as per the client’s brief to meet the expectations of the oil and
gas industry. The technicians also serviced the test benches, subjecting them
to the Hydratron defined Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to provide a total
turnkey service package.

Following the safety upgrade, the Hydratron pressure relief valve test
benches were mounted inside a 10-feet container, and now serve as part of the client’s
portable fleet of industry-compliant high pressure testing equipment.

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