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Upgrade for geospatial mapping system

GeoSlam recently announced a real-time upgrade option for the Zeb-Revo, its handheld geospatial mapping system.

Showcased for the first time at the SPAR 3D 2017 Expo, the optional upgrade consists of a revised data logger capable of undertaking SLAM registration (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) in real-time. With its own integrated Wi-Fi, the results can be displayed as they are captured on any web browser-enabled device including smartphones and tablets.

“This newly revised data logger is compatible with every existing standard version of ZEB-REVO. Given the rapidly growing industry, it’s crucial that all users have an easy upgrade path and can easily access the latest developments,” said Doctor Elliot Duff, principle research scientist and product program manager at CSIRO.

“Real-time feedback enables users to see exactly what they have and haven’t captured before the survey has even finished so nothing is missed. Furthermore, as registration is happening in real time the results are available almost immediately on completion of the survey. Possibly the fastest way to undertake indoor mobile mapping has just got even faster,” said Richard Betts, CEO at GeoSLAM.

REVO is expected to be commercially available by mid-2017.

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