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University of New South Wales to offer Australia’s only graduate program in nuclear engineering

The University of New South Wales will soon offer Australia’s only graduate program in nuclear engineering, beginning in 2014.

Professor Graham Davies, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, has announced the new program at a national conference on nuclear energy hosted by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

“The UNSW Faculty of Engineering is a leader in energy research. By establishing a Nuclear Engineering Program and research group, we are adding a crucial element to our energy portfolio,” says Professor Davies.

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the Sir William Tyree Foundation have each made donations to help establish the Nuclear Engineering Program. Imperial College, London will also support the new UNSW program through a strategic research partnership.

“Irrespective of whether nuclear power is ever added to Australia’s energy mix, there is a growing need for highly-skilled engineers to maintain and operate existing and planned nuclear facilities around the world,” says Professor Davies.

“This graduate program will prepare our students for international employment opportunities in the energy sector, as well as open pathways into a variety of nuclear careers in Australia that are not energy related.”

The UNSW Nuclear Engineering Program will initially offer one- and two-year masters degrees, with a scholarship scheme to help support students as well as funding for PhD research.

UNSW was the first Australian university to offer a nuclear engineering program. In 1954, Vice-Chancellor Philip Baxter secured a £125,000 grant from the NSW government to establish the Institute of Nuclear Engineering. This institute later became the School of Nuclear Engineering and was open until1986.

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