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Universal Inverter Now For Marine And Off Shore

The new IndraDrive ML by Rexroth is the latest addition to the IndraDrive family in the upper power range: up to 500 kW individually, up to 4 MW when 8 devices are connected in parallel. New areas of application open up with additional devices for mains connections between 525 V and 690 V, as well as the marine and offshore certification. This is what turns these compact, modular inverters into real all-rounders – they can be used as mains inverters or motor inverters. This minimises the number of models, simplifies handling and reduces your storage costs.

Modular, compact and energy-saving

These universal inverters are ideal for complex multi-axis applications. They are powerful, flexible drives for the megawatt range. With two voltage models and extensive certifications, they can be used for any standard or servo applications and come with a range of energy-saving options for perfect adaptation. They also come with all the usual features of the proven IndraDrive family – from certified Safety on Board to drive-integrated motion logic solutions, to multi-encoder interfaces and Multi-Ethernet communication. Simply universal.

Benefits resulting from special product features

  • Modular universal inverters for multi-axis applications: minimise model variety, simplify handling, reduce storage costs
  • Application-optimised energy-saving concepts: flexible adaptation to any use saves energy and reduces grid load
  • High power density: compact design saves space in the cabinet
  • Less coolant at higher coolant temperature: allows for compact heat exchangers and efficient heat recovery
  • Both voltage models are now certified for marine and o shore: for more areas of application

Key technical data

  • Single device power of 110 kW to 500 kW with 8 increments.
  • System power of up to 4 MW with parallel connection.
  • Supply voltage: 3 AC 380‒500 V/525‒690 V/50‒60 Hz/TN, 
TT and IT network.
  • Cooling types: fluid cooling, air cooling.
  • 5-fold overload for 60 sec.

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