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Universal disconnect switch for global panel builders

Panel builders across industries have an increasingly global customer
base, resulting in a broader range of standards that need to be met. To help
reduce design complexity, Rockwell Automation announces the new universal
visible-blade disconnect switch. The disconnect switch has global ratings of
UL, CSA, CE and CCC.

The new Allen-Bradley
Bulletin 1494U visible-blade disconnect switch provides
capabilities for applications with 30, 60 and 100 amps. Rockwell Automation
will be rounding out the Bulletin 1494U line in the next year, with ratings up
to 600 amps.

“Panel builders are no longer working with customers in just one region,”
said Steve
Amor, product manager industrial components, Rockwell Automation. “They
need to meet a number of international standards. We
designed and tested the new disconnect-switch family to be accepted globally.”

The visible-blade disconnect switch provides visible confirmation that the
switch is in the “on” or “off” position as it isolates motors, motor
controllers and other loads from a supply circuit.

The switch covers all applications, thereby reducing needed inventory. Users
can choose from a number of styles and options to meet their specific
application needs, including nonfusible or fusible versions, and the fusible
version provides short-circuit protection. The switch can also be connected for
rod or cable operation. With the cable option, users also have the flexibility
to mount the switch anywhere in the panel, regardless of the handle’s location.

Panel builders can take advantage of enhanced safety for customers with the
optional back-of-hand protective cover for the line and load sides, as well as
auxiliary contacts, for status notification to the control system. The
disconnect switches are also NFPA 70-compliant – as the switch, operating
mechanism and handle are connected at all times, whether the panel door is open
or closed.

The disconnect switch saves users panel space with a 30 percent smaller
footprint than previous offerings. In addition, the switch, mechanism and
multitap lugs together have an industry-leading footprint that is almost 50
percent smaller than the footprint of previous combinations.

Aluminium lugs are standard on the universal disconnect switches, and accept
copper and aluminium wiring for easier installation. Fuse clips are
pre-installed for the fusible styles. With the multiport lug connector, users
no longer have to wire through a distribution block and can instead connect
wires directly to the disconnect switch.

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