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Unique Emerson customer seminar for process control

Emerson Process Management will be holding a customer seminar in Brisbane on 17 September, offering delegates a unique opportunity to learn about reducing operating costs using Emerson solutions.

The one-day seminar, which runs from 1pm to 8pm, allows attendees to speak to Emerson technology and service experts and learn how the company’s technologies can lead to fast results in the plant, Emerson says.

Called Performance Without Compromise, the seminar is free and will take place at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank, Brisbane.

Improving health and safety while protecting the environment will be an important theme at the event. Improving output quality at lower costs will also be covered.

Customers will be able to learn how to reinvent their control system and instrumentation with new sensing and actuation innovations. The seminar will showcase Emerson’s latest advancements in control, predictive diagnostics, and human-centred software designed for ease-of-use.

Attendees will also be able to gain a solid understanding of how to apply these innovations for a predictive maintenance practice that works and is sustainable, Emerson says.

The Performance Without Compromise Seminar will feature technology exhibition space with live, hands-on demonstrations of complete Emerson Process Management solutions.

Customers will be given the opportunity to simulate device failures and see diagnostics in action.

To register, contact Jackie Flynn at or call 07 3348 9046.

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