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Union “encourages” Bechtel to test electrical material

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) in central Queensland has reached an agreement with Bechtel over concerns regarding non-compliant electrical material.

For the past year, the ETU has been in discussions with over testing and tagging on Bechtel's Curtis Island.

As reported by The Gladstone Observer, an ETU representative visited an office on the APLNG site and proceeded to turn off all distribution boards, and other electrical items including computers.

According to the ETU, wiring for a construction site needs to be tested and tagged very six months. Allegedly, Bechtel were doing this every 12 months.

"We apply the highest safety standards to all of our projects; working with our clients, signatory unions and our relevant government authorities to comply with all requirements," a spokeswoman for Bechtel was reported as saying.

Commenting on the article in The Gladstone Observer, gazz63 from Gold Coast commented: "Probably more to this story than the above. The compliance for testing tagging of office based equipment such as computers is 5 years. If Bechtel are doing it every 12 months they are compliant.

"Testing and tagging of portable equipment on a construction site such as drills is actually every 3 months. If they were doing this every 12 months they wouldn't be compliant but I would be very doubtful they would be doing this.

"By the looks of the story above, the ETU have decided that because the offices are on a construction site they are to be done more often. Personally, I think they are just trying to flex some muscle and try and prove themselves relevant. No gain in 6 month testing of a computer lead."

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