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Uni-chains plastic/steel table top chains

Specialist belt supplier Rydell is the exclusive Australian stockiest and distributor for the comprehensive range of uni-chains plastic and steel table top chains.

The range of chain is available to suit a wide variety of applications and sectors, including the food industry.

The steel chains in the range prove their worth mainly in the industries that use glass bottles, such as breweries and wine and soft drink production.

They come in several variants like straight running, side flexing, with or without tabs, as magnet chains, and in the special uni Super Flex design as well as the uni-chains PLUS range.

The steel chains are strong and suitable for applications running at high speed. Broken glass will not affect the function of the chain.

The plastic chains in the range constitute a light-weight yet strong and silent alternative to steel chains. These chains are used mainly in the food and packaging industry for conveying of many kinds of containers.

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