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Underground electrical fire causes flames to shoot out from sewers in Omaha

Last evening, residents in downtown Omaha (Nebraska, USA)  experienced the strange sight of manhole covers popping into the air. 

A fire in the underground sewers is reportedlty the cause of the explosions with fears of methane gas affecting residents. Power was turned off as a precaution, leaving 2,000 residents in the dark.

The city's utilities chief believes moisture could have got into cable or tape and created the outage. There are also reports that a transformer had blown up.

The damage could be extensive and repairs expensive as sewers often hold a network of flow meters and sensors and to measure the amount of waste that passes through the system.

Social media was rife with a lighter look at the 'crappy' situation.

One reader on BrietBart posed the question:   "What is a sewer expert called?" Answer: "A connissewer."

[Source: Reddit]

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