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Ultra-violet water treatment system coming to Australia

A new water treatment system using advanced ultra-violet technology is being introduced to Australia by CST Wastewater Solutions after being successfully demonstrated on a semi-arid Caribbean island.

Ten of the systems from Berson, called InLine UV disinfection systems, were installed on the Caribbean island of Aruba; eight are used to disinfect drinking water and two are used to treat greywater prior to discharge.

According to CST Wastewater Solutions managing director, Michael Bambridge, the island opted for UV instead of chlorine as part of its ‘non-chemical’ approach to water treatment.

Following a desalination process, the water passes through the UV systems before being transported to seven storage tanks situated at elevated locations around the island.

The UV units disinfect 400m3 of water per hour, rising to 600m3/h during peak flow conditions.

No chlorine is used at any stage of water the treatment process. Two of the seven storage tanks situated around the island are also fitted with Berson’s InLine UV systems, providing an additional disinfection step prior to distribution.

It is expected that all the tanks will eventually be fitted with UV. One of the storage tanks is situated in the harbour and supplies cruise ships with UV treated drinking water.

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