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Ultra-compact output signal conditioner

Phoenix Contact announces a new range of signal conditioners from its Mini Analog product range.

Featuring a narrow 6.2mm width, the new Mini MCR-SL-IDS-I-I output signal conditioner from the Mini Analog product range transmits and electrically isolates 4 to 20 mA signals from the controller to a load in the field, such as I/P converters, control valves or displays. The narrow design of the Mini Analog signal conditioners ensures significant space savings, and lowers costs.

Key features of the new Mini MCR-SL-IDS-I-I output signal conditioners include electrical isolation provided between input, output and supply; HART data protocols transmitted bi-directionally to obtain or transmit additional information from the field device, allowing the state of the control valves to be monitored permanently; and modules supplied with a voltage of 19.2 to 30 V DC via the connection terminal blocks or in combination via the DIN rail connector.

When supplied via the DIN rail connector, the modules can also be used on a termination carrier. This system cabling solution enables up to 16 output signals to be quickly and smoothly connected to control systems. Modules with screw or spring-cage connection technology are also available.

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