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Ultra-compact, multi-functional starter for electrical motors

Schneider Electric has introduced TeSys H, a 22.5mm-wide multi-functional, ultra-compact starter for electrical motors.

Using innovative technology, TeSys H saves a significant amount of space in control cabinets and can be used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, logistics, and durable goods. It’s a perfect starter solution for machines in material handling and packaging systems.

For optimal efficiency, TeSys H can provide up to four functions within its compact body:

• Forward running

• Reverse running • Protection against overload, phase unbalance, phase loss, stall and jam • Safe shutdown function up to SIL3 according to IEC61508-1 (available in the Safe Torque Off variant) The benefits of TeSys H

• With these functions embedded, the TeSys H motor starter allows users to improve efficiency during installation and diagnostics.

Compatible with other Schneider Electric products, this compact solution ensures:

• Up to 75% space reduction, making it suitable for all control cabinets where saving space is a priority

• 60% reduction of installation time, thanks to the efficiency of having embedded functions in one compact body

• SIL3 safe shutdown, which simplifies the design of safety architecture

• Long electrical life, with up to 30 million AC53a electrical cycles, for reliable performance in demanding applications

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