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UL Certified HMI screens

Automated Control and Monitouch have introduced the V9 series of Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens. 

The V9 series ranges in size from 14.5cm to 38cm. All models in the V9 Series are UL Certified and come standard with on-board Ethernet ports and SD card slots. 

These features allow for better connectivity to peripheral devices and provides flexible system configuration that allows users to meet diversified project requirements. 

The V9 Series has been designed with an internal VPN router that enables communication to any device that is connected via Ethernet to a V9 HMI. One click access to this VPN enables secure, remote monitoring and enables the V9 series to be used for both WMI (Web Machine Interface) or HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications.

•    Touch screen control
•    Widescreen LCD
•    Enhanced display capacity
•    High definition colour (16.7 million colours)
•    VNC server function
•    Wireless LAN Function / data transfer
•    Trend data display
•    Alarm display


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