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Two-axis motorised gimbals for high accuracy positioning

A series of gear-driven motorised gimbals for high-accuracy elevation-over-azimuth positioning has been introduced by Aerotech. 

The new AMG-GR two-axis optical mounts are available in numerous standard travel ranges and customised travels are easily accommodated from 90 degrees to continuous rotation. 

Accuracy of ±10 arc sec and a variety of motor types, and cell designs make these gimbal mounts appropriate for applications ranging from sensor calibration to laser beam steering.

Applications include:
•    Test & Inspection
•    Industrial and Academic Laboratories
•    Military
•    Nanometrology
•    Microscopy
•    Semiconductors
•    Microelectronics
•    Optics 
•    Photonics
•    Data Storage
•    Precision Mechanics
•    Metals
•    Life Sciences
•    Medical Devices

Standard circular cells range from 100-300mm diameter. Mounting options include a centered (balanced) cell or a front-surface reflection configuration. 

The gimbals are available with either brushless servo or stepper motors, with a full range of matching drives and controls.

Vacuum-compatible versions are also available. A direct encoder option allows increased accuracy and repeatability.

Special configurations accommodate non-circular optics, cameras, sensors, and round optics larger than 300mm in diameter. 

The gimbal’s modular-design approach allows each mirror cell to be easily modified or replaced to accommodate sensors or other asymmetrically shaped payloads.

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