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TUV Rheinland launches new uniform test mark worldwide

TÜV Rheinland is launching a new test mark worldwide that is unique in the testing sector in both form and function.

It replaces all other TÜV Rheinland test seals, which have emerged over the course of the company’s 140-year history.

The new test mark has numerous benefits for the various users, including companies that want to have their products or systems validated, end customers, and investigative and customs authorities.

The design of the new test mark is clearly structured with three elements. Visible on the left-hand side is the app icon shape, which clearly distinguishes the test mark from others.

The contents of the test are specified in the center. These may be “Quality” and “Safety”, for example. These keywords are descriptive and relate solely to the tested criteria.

A QR code that takes users directly to the TÜV Rheinland database when scanned using a smartphone can be added on the right-hand side.

The TÜV Rheinland test mark can be found on a wide range of objects – on food packaging and household appliances, on toys and playgrounds, in kitchens, bathrooms and gardens, and in hospitals or elevators.

The new, globally uniform test mark is valid for all TÜV Rheinland services and combines three advantages.

As only one unique test mark is used, its authenticity and content can be verified. This enhances testing certainty, a fact that is enormously relevant to customers, end consumers and authorities.

Wherever the test mark is used, there is uncompromising reliability on the fact that the testing really took place according to independent rules and that, for example, there can be no product piracy.

In addition, new features such as the QR code further improve transparency regarding the tested products or systems.

Consumers, users and authorities can now obtain information anytime, anywhere on products, raw materials, manufacturers, production processes and working conditions.

Using the QR code, they find out what criteria were used for testing the product, the quality of the product and what is important for use. Or even what management system a company is following and what that means.

The contemporary design improves the test mark’s recognition factor.

TÜV Rheinland Launches New Uniform Test Mark Worldwide.With the integrated QR code, TÜV Rheinland’s new test mark has a unique new feature among test seals.

The code can be scanned in via smartphone, which then takes the user to a database via a link contained in the code.

The linked database entry contains various contents: To begin with, there is an illustration of the test mark in question, including the key test words as internal links, which, in turn, contain explanations.

If a product has been tested, this page may also contain product photos and a list of the product’s features. The features tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland are a key component of the information stored in the database.

Further links that take users to information about the manufacturer or additional certificates, for example, are also possible. This provides users with a comprehensive and transparent look at the results of the test.

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