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Turning wastewater into profit

CST Wastewater Solutions’ range of wastewater treatment technologies will benefit public and private users in industries looking to turn wastewater from an expensive problem into a source of profit.

CST’s waste-to-energy technologies that respond to worldwide trends towards renewables, including Global Water Engineering (GWE) anaerobic digestion RAPTOR™ (Rapid Transformation of Organic Residues) technology.

RAPTOR extracts biogas from virtually any biological waste stream, including municipal food wastes from restaurants, food service facilities, grocery stores, and municipal solid waste, as well as organic wastes from industrial processing facilities, food and beverage plants and agribusinesses. The technology has been proven in Australia, in applications such as Oakey Beef Exports in Queensland.

Instead of wastewater being an environmental problem and as expense – a consumer of energy through mixers and aerators in smelly settling ponds – it becomes an asset. Instead of companies having to figure out some expensive way to dispose of it, wastewater becomes a profit item through green energy production.

CST has introduced its new KDS clog-free automatic liquid-to-solid waste separator. The compact KDS multi-disc roller separator features a self-cleaning dewatering and conveying system with oval plate separation and transfer structure that prevents clogging and permits automatic continuous operation that handles oily and fibrous material with ease.

The full size KDS liquid-to-solid waste separator, which is said to reduce sludge disposal costs by up to 75 per cent.


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