TURCK’s new HF solution with extended surface area extends RFID capabilities

 Turck Australia announces the Q80L800 HF read/write head, the latest addition to the company’s comprehensive RFID solutions portfolio.

Featuring a sensing range of 800mm, TURCK’s Q80L800 offers an ideal solution for close and medium HF applications such as conveyor applications, and expands the sensing area, providing improved performance and higher read rates of tags.

The Q80L800 HF read/write solution can be operated on TURCK’s BL ident solution, which allows for easy integration into existing control systems and supports all of the major protocols, providing an all-in-one industrial RFID solution. The Q80L800 can be operated simultaneously with UHF solutions for more application flexibility, providing an industrial RFID solution unmatched in the market.

The active read/write head supports the ISO 15693 Standard, and combines antenna and electronics in a robust IP67 housing measuring 80 x 800 x 25 mm. In combination with TURCK’s robust HF tags, which allow direct mounting on metal, and use at high temperatures or in autoclaves, the Q80L800 is a great solution for conveyor and web processing applications.

Matt Boudjouk, product manager for TURCK explains that the addition of the Q80L800 HF read/write head broadens the company’s RFID portfolio and provides customers with a better solution in terms of improved performance and ability to read tags at a higher rate whenever the tags are mounted in a variety of locations.

TURCK is an industry leader providing superior quality sensing, connectivity and network products to help manufacturers improve their automated processes.

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