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TURCK overmoulded splitter with LEDs

Turck Australia introduces a new splitter redesigned with a translucent black overmoulded design and featuring LEDs.

TURCK’s new VB2 splitter’s overmoulded design encapsulates the LEDs and protects them from physical damage. The LEDs are also visible from both sides of the splitter, allowing the VB2 to be mounted on either side; the previous version only allowed mounting on one side for the LEDs to be visible.

TURCK’s VB2 splitters are used to consolidate two separate discrete PNP device signals into a single cable, and are therefore ideal for use in any application that uses multiple discrete PNP signals. The VB2 is also suitable for applications using multiple sensors or sending multiple signals from a confined area. The LEDs provide a visual indication when the circuit has power applied and when discrete signals are present.

TURCK’s VB2 splitters have a rating of 10-30 VDC at up to 4 amps with the new overmoulded design providing the splitter with an improved ingress rating of IP68. Products that are given an IP68 rating must first pass the TURCK test where they are submerged at a depth of 6 feet for 24 hours.

TURCK is an industry leader providing superior quality sensing, connectivity and network products to help manufacturers improve their automated processes.

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