TURCK makes new addition to inductive sensor line for harsh applications

Turck Australia announces a new addition to its line-up of washdown
sensors featuring an extended 75mm range. Designed for harsh applications, the
new TURCK Q80WD sensor is part of the uprox+ family of factor one sensors that can
detect any metal without needing any correction factor.

The uprox+ technology is capable of sensing all types of metals at the
same distance, not only eliminating the need to change the position of the
sensors for different metal applications, but also reducing the number of
sensor types needed for plant operations.

Featuring an improved design with a durable, stainless steel M12
connector and a chemical resistant PPS thermoplastic housing that can withstand
chemicals and caustic cleaning agents, as well as shock and impact, the Q80WD
inductive sensors incorporate two side-mounted LEDs for optimal viewing.
Materials used in the sensor housing are food-safe and meet FDA Regulation
21CFR 177, 1500(9) for the U.S. and FDA/EGVO 1935/2004 for the E.U.

John Murphy, Product Manager for TURCK explains that the new Q80WD sensor
expands their existing range of washdown sensor solutions, allowing them to
offer more options for customers. The uprox+ washdown family can, with the
latest extended 75mm sensing range provide a perfect sensing solution in a
variety of applications including food and beverage, mobile equipment, and many
outdoor installations.

The existing uprox+ washdown family is comprised of 8, 12, 18, and 30mm
diameter barrels, 42mm Qpaks with sensing ranges between 1.5 and 50mm. The new
Q80WD sensor not only offers an extended sensing distance but also delivers
reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -25°C to +70°C and is IP68 rated
or IP69k rated with optional back plate.

TURCK is an industry leader providing superior quality sensing,
connectivity and network products to help manufacturers improve their automated

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