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TURCK extends CRS series with new high pressure inductive sensors for cylinder applications

Turck Australia has introduced a new range of high pressure inductive sensors
to address the growing need for sensors able to withstand high pressure

TURCK has extended its CRS series with the latest offering of high
pressure inductive sensors offering customers an enhanced solution for
applications involving cylinders with an operating pressure rating of 3000 psi
against the previous limit of only 1500 psi.

Product Manager John Murphy explains that the latest additions to the CRS
series provide customers with a solution they need for high pressure cylinder
applications, furthering TURCK’s reputation as an automation solution provider.

Key features of TURCK’s new CRS series high pressure inductive sensors include
7/8” male connector measuring 12.7mm in diameter in a stainless steel smooth
barrel housing with a special high pressure sealing ceramic active face allowing
it to withstand high pressure and demanding applications; and six probe lengths
varying from 23.2mm to 95.9mm with other lengths available upon request.

The high pressure sensors also feature embedded LEDs providing easily
visible indication of the sensor; IP67 rating; operating temperature range of
-25°C to +70°C; and 2-wire AC/DC allowing for easy adaptation to existing
systems with 3-wire PNP version also available.

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