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Tuesday Rap: Geeky Hip-Hop artist is making engineers cool [VIDEO]

Move over Travis McCoy and Bruno Mars. There’s a new tune at the top of my playlist – and it’s from Only Won.

Yes, you read right. Only Won is considered the world’s first bilingial Asian-American Hip-Hop artist. His latest single "I wanna be an Engineer" is a take on the McCoy-Mars runaway hit "I want to be a Billionaire".

And like the original, Only Won is smashing records with over 688,000 views notched up on YouTube. The lyrics are cute and nerdy enough to interest a tech audience. Only Won throws in C++, protractors, cantilever beams, Fortran, eSATA connectors and even Euclidean vectors!

The chorus is "I wanna be an engineer so freakin’ bad". If we can get a few more students at our Universities and TAFEs singing his tune, it could spell the end of Australia’s tech skills shortage. A look through the 850+ comments on YouTube shows that most of his fans seem to be engineering students!

In exchange for an email address Only Won is offering a free download of his masterpiece.

Hip-Hop artists sometimes get a bad name. But not "lyrical engineer" Only Won. His favourite book is the Bible.


Only Won – I Wanna Be An Engineer [YouTube VIDEO]

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