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Truck monitoring technology bolsters safety and operational efficiency

Caltex Australia has this week unveiled Caltex Telematics, a telematics technology that gives businesses real-time information on driver and vehicle performance, as well as the ability to predict future mechanical faults.

The Australian company conducted an extensive pilot to test the technology on its own fleet with impressive results, prompting them to make the telematics solution available to the industry.

“As the nation’s leading fuel supplier that operates a sophisticated supply chain, we understand the needs of our transport and logistics customers,” said Caltex Executive General Manager Commercial, Bruce Rosengarten.

“With fuel and physical assets the two biggest costs for businesses, we’re excited to offer a tried and tested telematics system to help our customers achieve significant performance and safety enhancements.

“While other systems focus on GPS ‘track and trace’, Caltex Telematics …  focuses on how vehicles are driven both in terms of general behaviours, like acceleration and cornering, to mechanical behaviours in how drivers physically engage with the vehicle, for example, changing gears, clutch use and braking.

“Through sophisticated algorithms and analysis, [Caltex Telematics] can be used to predict future faults and maintenance issues, saving companies big dollars before something major happens.”

Caltex Telematics will be showcased at the International Truck, Trailer and Equipment show in Melbourne, 5-7 May.

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