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Treotham introduces new lubrication-free and wear-resistant linear systems

For performance, mechanical engineering and handling applications, Treotham introduces the drylin T linear systems series from igus, featuring wear-resistant sliding elements made of high-performance plastics.

Lubrication-free and long-lasting, the drylin T linear system has dimensions identical to recirculating ball-bearing guides, with users able to select a standard solution from stock. By adopting an efficient production processes, Treotham ensures its igus drylin linear guides are available for fast delivery from stock. The plastic sliding pads are injection moulded, the carriages are either made of zinc die-casting or an aluminium profile, and the production of all guide rails is carried out in an aluminium extrusion process with a hard anodised finish.

New, leaner assembly solutions at the factory in Cologne also ensure even more efficient assembly of drylin linear guide systems. The rails are available individually cut to the desired length and with no minimum order quantity, and then assembled with the appropriate carriage and elements. The mounting holes on the system match those of
the rails and carriages on conventional recirculating ball-bearing guides. This allows engineers to take advantage of a quickly available and cost-effective alternative, enabling them to bring their machines to market faster.

An online fact check page can be found on the igus website that explains whether the drylin T solution will work for a given application. A comparison list of ball guides to drylin T guides with identical mounting dimensions is also provided.

Sliding vs. rolling: High- performance plastics for linear technology

In the linear systems sector, igus relies on the principle of sliding in its drylin linear technology in contrast to conventional recirculating ball- bearing guides. Sliding pads made of high-performance plastics integrated in the carriages ensure a lubrication-free movement of the carriages on the linear rails. In contrast to recirculating ball- bearing guides, which are susceptible to corrosion when used outside and therefore must be constantly oiled or greased, plastic bearings can be used anywhere.

The use of plastic materials makes the drylin linear technology lighter and silent. They are equally resistant to moisture and heat. Water, dirt and swarf cannot harm the linear systems in many applications.

New drylin T series for performance applications

The series is developed for performance applications, such as in packaging, mechanical engineering or handling. The tough linear carriages are available in four different installation sizes.

Equipped with captive sliding elements made of iglidur J200, the system offers up to 50 per cent longer service life compared to the standard igus material used for linear guides. The bearing clearance of the carriages can be adjusted individually to a precision of 20μm.

As with all drylin T series, the new performance series has the same mounting dimensions as recirculating ball-bearing guides, making quick replacement possible at any time.

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