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​Trend of US onshoring from China continues: report

A new report by
management consultancy firm Boston Consulting Group suggests the number of US
firms onshoring from China has risen for the third straight year.

AFP reports that
BCG’s Made In America, Again survey
investigated the views of 252 respondents, senior executives from companies in a
variety of manufacturing sub-sectors.

Overall, 16 per
cent of executives from companies currently manufacturing in China said they
were already actively onshoring. The inaugural 2012 report saw 7 per cent
giving this response.

findings show that not only does interest in repatriating production to the US
and creating American jobs remain strong but also that companies are acting on
those intentions,” Harold Sirkin, the report’s co-author, said.

Fifty-four per
cent said they were interested in re-shoring, about the same as last year.

Click here to read the report.

Image: BCG

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