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Treatment plant reduces Shell’s dependence on drinking water

According to a report in The Geelong Advertiserthe switch has been flicked on one of the largest water projects in the Geelong region.

Waste water has begun to flow into the Northern Water Plant in Corio, which when fully operational will save about two billion litres of drinking water – enough for 10,000 homes – every year.

The $94 million plant will take sewage from North Geelong and waste water from the Shell Geelong Refinery and, using advanced processes including biological treatments, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis, produce recycled water to pump back into the refinery.

It will eliminate up to 95 percent of Shell's reliance on Geelong drinking water for its operations.

Read the full report at The Geelong Advertiser.

(Image above courtesy The Geelong Advertiser.)

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