Transport & Energy Management Finalists: 2014 PACE Zenith Awards

Profiles of the six finalists in the Transport & Energy Management category.


Synchronous Lifting System Restores Equilibrium of Building Struck by Christchurch Earthquake

An Enerpac EVO synchronous lifting system has been deployed by Sync Lift Systems Ltd to safely raise, re-level and restore for occupancy an entire 2,800 ton three-storey building that sank up to 300mm during the devastating Christchurch earthquake of 2011.

One of the most heavily damaged areas was the city’s CBD the new generation Enerpac 12-point synchronous technology was deployed by Sync Lift Systems to level a 70-metre long concrete building in Fitzgerald Avenue.

The building was dislodged from its foundations by the earthquake and needed to be raised and levelled in a precision operation designed to optimise safety during the lift and to ensure maximum stability.

Machinery Safety Systems

Machinery Inspection Operating Control System MiOCS

Machinery Safety Systems has developed an electronic pre-start system to replace hard copy log books traditionally used to record checks on components and the use of machinery.

The company expects that the MiOCS device will become essential tools for industry to improve pre-start checks and better manage the use of machinery.

The three key advantages are: (1) Identification of the Pre-Start person; (2) The RFID tags in their respective positions ensure the operator goes to each checkpoint; and (3) Users of the plant/machinery are recorded via the MCU.

The reporting via the PDA also captures real date/time usage of the plant/machinery.


Singapore Smart City

iOmniscient has implemented its comprehensive analytics along with Automated Surveillance Action Platform (ASAP™) in two of the four precincts under Singapore Smart City.

The platform has been implemented in busy scenario of Singapore city to detect multiple events (like accidents, over-crowding, traffic violations, fire and other emergency situations), understand the event and automatically take a response.

The system can be extended to all emergency services – police, fire, medical etc. For an accident, the information is sent to the nearest ambulance. And for a fire, the nearest fire brigade is alerted and mobilized.

Columbus Group

Columbus improved heavy train performance

For both commuter rail networks and heavy ore/freight train services, the Columbus improved heavy train performance package makes for less overall wheel squeal averaged along the whole train, and real time operating speed changes to counter the effects of side winds and other external loadings on the trains.

Package includes multiple cost effective dynamic load sensors attached to rails on many sleepers, particularly in track sectors like curves, and radio interconnected to a manual signalling or automated control system in the cab of the loco system passing through that particular track sector, for optimised speed control.


Extraordinary Alice Bores Australasia's Largest Tunnel

The largest tunnel boring machine ever deployed in the Southern Hemisphere has been safely and precisely sent into action using advanced Enerpac synchronous hydraulic technology to tilt, push and, when required, turn the 3600-ton mammoth named Alice.

The 100-metre long Earth Pressure Balance Machine will use its 14.5m diameter cutting head to chew through more than 800,000 cubic metres of subsurface rock involved in the Waterview Connection motorway project in Auckland, New Zealand.

SAGE Automation

SAGE Automation Inline fuel delivery system

Pacific National is Australia's largest private rail freight business. Ensuring reliable and cost effective fuel supply to locomotives on long distance travel was a pain point for Pacific National with a fuel delivery system which was not fit for purpose and was resulting in high fuel costs, delays and driver frustration.

SAGE Automation worked with Pacific National to develop a robust system to refuel the locomotives on-route which is suited to the environment in which they operate.

The inline fuel system is proving highly effective and delivers accurate data in real time and is removing costs, delays and frustration from their operation.

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