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Transparent material sensor with RFID

The SICK RFU65x RFID sensor detects tags at long range, recording the direction in which objects are moving at the same time.

The associated user data can be sent directly to an ERP or MES system. The operating range of the new RFU65x covers an angle of +/- 45° with a typical sensing range of up to five meters.

The RFU65x RFID saves space, time, and money in applications for identifying vehicles and vehicle parts.

Although objects with tags that are located in the immediate vicinity are identified, they are filtered out as “static” tags and only used if required for diagnostic purposes.

As well as cutting costs, the RFU65x also simplifies and accelerates application processes in logistics and the automotive industry.

The product family provides system integrators with the ability to install additional application software directly within variants of the RFU6xx.

The user can develop and manage device-specific application software through the SICK development environment, and even transfer this to other devices.

This can be facilitated via a range of programming techniques, including JAVA, LUA, and C++ (in the planning stages).

The platform thus offers maximum flexibility to support solutions for the IT tasks of the future.

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