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Transmitter increases capabilities of ‘smart’ field products

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has launched of the SmartLine Guided Wave Radar Level transmitter, the latest addition to HPS’s SmartLine industrial transmitter family. 

The new device can measure the level and volume of liquids inside processing tanks up to 160 feet in height.

The SmartLine Guided Wave Radar Level transmitter features an advanced level of user experience with the introduction of the Application Validation Tool. 

This online tool allows customers to input technical data about their specific process tank and to validate that the correct level transmitter application is delivered to the site ready to install out of the box.

“The new SmartLine level transmitter leverages the same proven platform, innovative modular design and ease of use as the pressure and temperature transmitters,” said Don Maness, vice president and general manager, Field Products, Honeywell Process Solutions. 

“This helps facilities manage cost by reducing inventory, speeding start-up and, with Honeywell’s Application Validation Tool, operators can have complete confidence that the level transmitter ordered will be the correct one for the tank application.”

The new level transmitter features a choice of a basic alphanumeric display or an advanced graphics display. The advanced graphics display, capable of showing process data in graphical formats and communicating messages from the control room, also offers multiple languages and full integration with Honeywell’s flagship Experion process control system.

Field instruments are used throughout industrial plants to measure and transmit critical data points from throughout the processes to the control room. Large industrial complexes, such as those for refining crude oil or producing chemical products, can employ thousands of these devices within their manufacturing processes.

The SmartLine instrument line also includes:

  • SmartLine Temperature transmitters measure temperature accurately and reliably in industrial processes in tough and noisy environments, converting low level signals from temperature sensors to analog and digital output signal
  • SmartLine Pressure transmitters measure absolute pressure, gauge pressure, differential pressure, and flanged and remote seal transmitters. Refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants and paper mills around the globe rely on theses transmitters for accurate and consistent pressure measurement.

Honeywell introduced the smarter field device concept with its SmartLine Pressure transmitter, the industry’s first modular and most reliable transmitter delivering value across the entire plant lifecycle. 

Setting a standard for ease of use and total performance in harsh and noisy process environments, the SmartLine family also offers lower total cost of ownership, from reducing initial purchasing costs, providing flexibility for post start-up modifications, reducing maintenance and inventory costs along with high accuracy and stability.

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