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Transducer wins process award for best product

Hawk Measurement’s ORCA Sonar Transducer has received the Breakthrough Product of the Year Award from Processing Magazine in the United States.

Regarded as a prestigious award for the process industry, Processing Magazine presented Hawk Measurement with its 11th annual Breakthrough Products of the Year Award in December.

In March 2008 Hawk introduced a new line of “fourth generation” sonar transducers for improved sensing of Interface levels in tailings, paste, concentrator and Lamella thickeners, settling tanks, and CCD’s.

The new sensors offer big improvements in overall power, penetration, and calibration density range. They provide better capability under high suspended solids loading, ‘sliming,’ and generally upset process conditions, says Hawk.

“I am very excited that our Orca Sonar has been selected as a Product of the Year Recipient. Our Development Team has worked hard to bring to market a product to not just monitor but to also control the process. This is truly a breakthrough in improved sensing of interface levels and we are delighted with our customers’ reaction,” said Hawk president of measurement, Jack Evans.

The new Hawk array transducer designs include three to seven sonar crystals mounted in a single head. Each sonar array produces a concentrated sonar beam, providing more emitted power and collecting more returned signals. Array transducers yield better penetration, higher sensitivity, and better overall performance in the most difficult environments, says Hawk.

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