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Track & Trace software

EyeTrace was developed to prevent forged pharmaceutical products to enter the supply chain and guarantees the traceability. 

To prevent product forgery in the pharmaceutical industry has high priority, as the product quality can have severe consequences for the customers. 

Especially as the forged medicine cannot be identified only by means of the packaging characteristics any more.

Even the visual and safety inspection in pharmacies is not sufficient any more. Additional safety characteristics are unavoidable these days.

EyeTrace makes the inspection of security features on the packaging easier and it identifies every single package and offers a homogeneous control unit.

The new guideline defines two security features: one for checking authenticity and identification of every single package and one to inspect if the package has been opened already and for that a glue dot or perforation will be applied. 

With EyeTrace the visual inspection can be made easier, because an industrial camera and the EyeVision image processing software can detect more than the human eye. 

Especially as EyeVision can also read codes (bar code, QR, DMC,). This is important, because the „Unique Identifier“ for distinct identification is going to be a 2D bar code. 

With the code reader function, EyeTrace can read:

•    code 
•    serial number
•    a national number for the reimbursement of costs
•    charge number
•    expiration date

Besides the code reader function, EyeTrace can be extended with other commands of the EyeVision software.

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