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Trace moisture transmitter for high-purity gas applications

moisture transmitter

Michell Instruments has announced its Pura range of trace moisture transmitters, which have been developed for applications where purity of gases is of critical importance and even trace amounts of moisture are considered to be a contaminant.

The transmitters are capable of measuring dew points between -120 and -40°C dew point, or in terms of absolute moisture content, 1ppbV to 126.71ppmV. This focus towards drier instruments optimises performance for applications such as semiconductor manufacture, where the near-total absence of moisture is crucial to quality. The range is also suited to fibre optic production, optical coating processes and industrial gas manufacture.

The transmitters are simple to install and easy to operate, according to the company. An optional display is also available to create a highly accurate, yet cost-effective hygrometer. Routine maintenance is also simple as they are included in the company’s sensor exchange program.


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