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Toyota workers set to vote on redundancy package

Workers from Toyota’s Altona manufacturing facility will next
week vote on proposed redundancy packages to be paid when their factory shuts
in 2017.

The Herald Sun reports that the company has negotiated the
terms of its separation packages with the Australian Manufacturing Workers’
Union which is happy with the offer.

“I’m comfortable with the deal being put to members but
ultimately the members will make a decision on whether or not it’s a fair deal,”
said Dave Smith, the national secretary of the vehicles division of the
Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union.

Toyota Australia president, Dave Buttner said communication
with employees has been a high priority for the company.

“We’ve tried to have the most open communication process
we’ve ever had as a company. When there’s uncertainty you can put out all the
pieces of paper in the world…but people need to hear from a human being,” he said.

According to Mr Buttner, 15 per cent of the Altona workers
are over 55; 65 per cent are aged 34 to 54 age bracket; and roughly 20 per cent
are under 33 years of age.

According to, before the end of the year, Toyota
is planning to announce what type of presence it will maintain in Australia after
it ends in manufacturing operations.

Possible options are smaller scale parts and accessories
manufacturing and training programs.

Mr Buttner said the legacy may only be intended to break

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