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Toyota further commits to model-based design

Toyota and their primary automotive electronics supplier DENSO have been successful in their efforts to transition to the MathWorks R2006b release to support their automotive mass production programs.

“Toyota and DENSO have been very satisfied by the support services and new product capabilities provided by The MathWorks and Cybernet Systems during the last three and a half years of our pilot and long-term agreements for support of our production version,” said Kazuhiko Hayashi, general manager, Toyota Electronics Engineering Division.

“Toyota believes that the transition to R2006b will help us develop automobiles more efficiently. We expect to achieve significant productivity improvements from R2006b features, including code generation using Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder for mass production software. Toyota has been working with The MathWorks to enhance their products, which will help to further expand deployment of Model-Based Design in automotive applications at Toyota and DENSO. We expect that our relationship with The MathWorks will continue for a long time into the future.”

Over the last two years, MathWorks has worked with Toyota and DENSO to provide the advanced capabilities they required in these products, while DENSO has developed comprehensive modeling guidelines, user models, and training materials to prepare Toyota and DENSO engineers to move their production work from R12.1, which has been in full operation since 2001, to R2006b.

Adopting R2006b in production enables Toyota and DENSO to apply Model-Based Design in current and future production vehicle programs and to use automatically generated production C code for complex, real-time embedded systems.

“Toyota and DENSO’s commitment to Model-Based Design exemplifies the way in which MathWorks software is increasingly being adopted by automotive industry leaders around the world for product design and development,” said Andy Grace, vice president of design automation development at The MathWorks.

“We began our close relationship with Toyota and DENSO over twelve years ago in a collaborative effort to define the engineering tools needed by the automotive industry. We are looking forward to Toyota’s accelerating deployment of R2006b and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder for modeling, simulation, and automatic code generation for production applications. We plan to continue to improve our tools to address their future production needs.”

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