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Total Organic Carbon sensor provides measurement in less than a minute

Mettler Toledo Thornton has announced the launch of its 6000TOCi, continuous measurement, TOC sensor.

Total Organic Carbon monitoring is vital for the measurement and control of organics contamination in pure and ultrapure waters used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, microelectronics and power generation.

To ensure changes in TOC levels are not missed, constant results are required. The 6000TOCi sensor uses conductivity measurements before and after oxidation of organic material via ultraviolet light to provide continuous, real-time determination of TOC.

The company’s UV oxidation technology ensures a measurement in less than a minute of sample water entering the sensor. When paired with the M800 multi-parameter transmitter, the system offers an accurate TOC measurement solution that is compliant with all global pharmacopeias.

Flexibility of the 6000TOCi allows installation anywhere on a water system, with the option to display results at the point of measurement or at a more convenient location for operators.

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) advanced diagnostics included in the 6000TOCi offer constant sensor status and preventative maintenance notifications, which allow operators to anticipate and plan for routine service.

“The 6000TOCi Total Organic Carbon sensor has a  fast response time – less than one minute. Compared to batch measurement systems that take six minutes or longer to deliver a snapshot of water quality, the 6000TOCi’s continuous measurement provides a complete picture of a water system’s performance,” says Heidi Teng, product manager at Mettler Toledo Thornton. “An excursion can occur in a matter of seconds. Imagine what might be missed if you’re only monitoring at intervals of six minutes. That’s why continuous measurement means an excursion will not be missed.”

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