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Total drive solutions set for Melbourne NMW 2009

Drive solutions provider, SEW-Eurodrive, will demonstrate a “total solutions approach to the manufacturing industry” at National Manufacturing Week 2009 in Melbourne in May, including elements from its end-to-end drives range.

The company will showcase various product ranges that combined make up its end-to-end drive soluitions, including electronic, electro-mechanical and mechanical solutions.

The company says that many of the technologies on display at its stand during the show will boast energy-saving features, providing opportunities for further improvements in drive-train efficiency.

According to SEW-Eurodrive engineering manager, Frank Cerra, Australian manufacturers are increasingly seeking ‘one-stop’ drive solution providers.

“Australian manufacturers are demanding world-class drive solutions from a single supplier, from the gearbox through to the drive electronics,” he said.

“Here, SEW-Eurodrive leads the way. We work closely with Australian manufacturers and OEMs to develop one of the country’s most comprehensive end-to-end drive solution sets.”

Cerra said that the energy consumption of the selected drive technology has a decisive influence on operational costs.

“During the life-cycle of a drive system, it is the energy consumption component that constitutes the majority of the total life-cycle cost,” he said.

“Optimising the energy efficiency of each individual system component and combining the drive technology to match the specific application will achieve a significant economic benefit.”

SEW-Eurodrive will launch the W37 and W47 right-angle gear unit ranges at the show. The W37 and W47 ranges deliver torques from 70 to 110Nm and 100 to 180Nm respectively, with both new series designed to suit a range of conveying applications.

Featuring gear ratios as low as 3.2, the new W37 and W47 gearmotor series incorporate a two-stage gearing arrangement, capable of delivering high output speeds and providing manufacturers with a higher degree of drive flexibility, according to SEW-Eurodrive.

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